Nature Communication

Nature Communication

Talking with an Oaktree

This is a good friend of mine, an Oaktree in the forest near where I grew up. When I go for a walk in the forest, I usually go up to say hi to the oaktree and lean on the tree trunk for a few moments. I notice the flow of energy coming from the tree, and I feel energized. I also ask the tree questions, and he always has good advice for me. Sometimes he makes me laugh as well.

My father told me a story of his grandfather about an oaktree. All his older siblings died at childbirth, until somebody recommended to his mother to take the next new-born child to an oaktree which splits in two trunks. The child was to be passed between the two treetrunks of the oaktree to make him strong. My great-grandmother did this and her son became a strong and healthy man, who also grew into an unusually tall man.

Therefore the oak has a special meaning in our family, and we often go to the forest and either hug the oaks or just lean on their trunks to recharge and renew our energies.


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