Animal Communication


Talking with Bees and Bumblebees

I ask them for guidance on the way of being. It is such a delight to be with the bees and bumblebees, they feel light, easily mobile, gentle, tender, communicating easily, and relaxed, like I do with people I am very familiar with. It feels like before a performance, the sense that we are together in this, and caring for each other, but being there for a higher purpose. I feel almost like being a bee or bumble bee, or being part of their family. I feel their gentleness, the way I am with small children: very conscious, but not stressed, in balance, calm, open, super gentle, like holding a small animal. Playful, creating a soft, gentle space that feels like cotton wool, I have a sense of soft pink, and feel totally present.

Communicating with an Orca, female, living free

She feels friendly and playful, as if she likes being close – it feels cosy to be with her. I swim next to her, under her, and lie on her back. She feels like somebody who likes being  stroked – she is approachable and likes to communicate. I see the Orca in the water and looking towards the sun. She feels like a patient being, but also wanting to teach and “get somewhere”.

When I ask her for advice for my health, she recommends to eat more fish, and to make tea from the tips of pine needles, that it would be beneficial for me. The Orca shared that she really wants to work with me, and encouraged me to start a blog in general, and especially one with the Orca.

Trailer of the Movie "Being with Animals"

By filmmaker Salome Pitschen, with Maia Kincaid Ph.D., Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, James French, Monika Obi and Maycol Errani.

A beautiful film about Animal Communication


Watch the Movie "Being with Animals"
ADocumentary Film about Animal Communication
by Salome Pitschen,

With Animal Communicator Maia Kincaid from Sedona, AZ, USA

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