I would like to offer various courses with the intention of giving Nature and Animals a Voice and sharing the experience of talking with animals and nature.
Everybody has the ability to speak with their pets & their plants - they would love to connect with as many people as possible.

Animal Communication Course

This is a wild pheasant who visits me often. He even taps on the window to get my attention and he sometimes wakes me up. He has inspired me to take the step to offer courses in Animal Communication, as he is convinced that many people would enjoy talking with their animals and wild animals, if only they realized how easy it is. These courses can take place in person or online from the comfort of your home.

This rabbit would like to encourage people to be bold and to take a new step, even if it is into the unknown. "I encourage you to try something new, even if it seems daunting. We animals would love to talk with you and to get to know you better. Maybe you are also curious to find out more about us."
This course is designed to make it as easy and as much fun as possible to trust what we hear from the animals. May it be the beginning of a great friendship.

 Nature Communication Course

Nature has so much to tell us - every flower, every tree and every blade of grass is eager to share. This is an exciting journey into our own connection to nature, to use all our faculties to communicate with nature. We are all part of nature and nature communication is one way to celebrate being a member of this family. You are welcome to join this adventure to discover how easy it is to talk with plants.
Fairytree on Tara
Fairy Tree on Tara, Ireland


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